Installation and Hello, World!


With pip you can install the latest release from PyPI:

pip install --user peppy

Update peppy with pip:

pip install --user --upgrade peppy

Releases and development versions may also be installed from the GitHub releases:

pip install --user

Hello world!

Now, to test peppy, let's grab an clone an example project that follows PEP format. We've produced a bunch of example PEPs in the example_peps repository. Let's clone it:

git clone

Then, from within the example_peps folder, enter the following commands in a Python session:

import peppy

proj1 = peppy.Project("example1/project_config.yaml")
samp = proj1.samples

# Find the input file for the first sample in the project

That's it! You've got peppy running on an example project. Now you can play around with project metadata from within python.